“Shards” is a VR arcade game in which the player has to move around in the physical space in order to move in the virtual space.

Shards was developed as a student game in my master degree in France, we started the project with the main intention of exploiting the physical space the HTC Vive provides and make a game in which the player has to move around in order to move in the digital world.

My role concerned manly the project management and game design.


The player has the ability to draw lines by moving his controller, these lines linger as long as he continues to draw and disappear shortly after he stops. The lines allow the player to move a sphere that follows the path of the lines; his goal is to direct this sphere through the space and grab collectibles, when the player grabs all the collectibles he advances to the next level. However, the space is filled with moving obstacles that can destroy the sphere, if the sphere is destroyed three times the player looses.

The obstacles are called shards, they are of different sizes and move through the space blocking the player. Each shard has a specific trajectory and speed, so the player is able to predict their movement if he is attentive enough. As a matter a fact the avatar follows the trajectory the player draws, but it does it with a delay, which means the player has to predict the movement of the shards if he wants to move his avatar in an unaltered trajectory.

As an arcade game the secondary goal of the player is to get as much score as possible, each time he grabs a collectible his score increases; other strategies also exist to multiply the score, like moving very near to a shard or garbing multiple collectibles in an unaltered trajectory.

If you want to know more about Shard you can look at our game design document (only in french) :

Shards Game Design Document