“Metanoia” is a speed and navigation game in which the player travels through an infinite world that adapts procedurally to the avatar’s speed

Flow through a vast world going up and down mountains increasing your speed and behold how the landscape changes accordingly to your own actions. Discover the mysterious and oniric biomes and let yourself be enveloped by the evolving music of Metanoia.

Metanoia is a student project created by six students at ICAN, I was manly responsible for the project management and some parts of the game design.

From the start of the project our intentions where to create an experience in which the player feels the pleasure of navigation in a digital space and gets himself totally immersed in it. Our goal is not so much about creating a challenging game, but a memorable feeling.

Our concept

The player starts in a vast and almost empty world, at first he advances at low speed and then he starts to gain speed by climbing and sliding down mountains that appear in his way. When the avatar gains speed the world changes procedurally, new and bigger mountains appear, better adapted to his new speed.  When the avatar reaches a certain speed skymarks will appear in the environment. This skymarks point the location of biomes, extents of terrain with new characteristics. The player can explore this biomes to further change the word he is in.

This evolution continues all along the game and both the ambiance and music change with the progression of the player, rewarding him for his efforts.

The universe of Metanoia possesses a mysterious and poétic aesthetic. The grazing light that illuminates the environment and the nocturnal and starlit sky create a mild atmosphere that is exalted by the music.


Metanoia can be downloaded for free in our itch.io page  :

Metanoia itch.io page 

If you want to find out more about our game you can have a look at our game design document (only in french) :

Metanoia Game Design Document