“hors-affichage.” is a game installation that questions the way video games are traditionally displayed opposing planar vs volumetric displays.

hors-affichage. Is a game installation based on deconstruction, it questions the way video games are traditionally displayed, opposing planar vs volumetric displays and thus challenging the space in which video games can be deployed.
The gameplay of hors-affichage. Resides in the tension between the visible and the invisible, the reachable and the unreachable. Forcing the player to enter a state of chase where he is constantly on the move and in the look out for the elements outside his field of view.


The cubes of the installation start to blink as soon as the game begins, it’s the role of the player to touch these blinking cubes before it’s too late. If he is not fast enough the cubes turn red and if too many of them turn red he loses the game.

Accessibility and autonomy

The apparent simplicity of the game allows anybody to understand its basic rules and interact with it without sacrificing its identity as a game nor its inherent difficulty.

This dynamic also makes the game autonomous, no need to clarify the rules before playing, a simple trial and error or previous observation is enough to understand how to play.


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