“Gaze” is a hybrid board game and smartphone game. The players have to photograph the anamorphoses printed in the 3D game board to get the highest score.

Project starting point

Gaze started as a student game in my master degree in France, our ambition is to create a hybrid game between a board and a digital device, in this case a smartphone. Not losing the indispensability of the tangible or the digital was the great challenge of this project; as it’s very easy to replace one with the other, for example, throwing “dice” with a digital random generator.

To create a balance between these two play spaces we chose a board that created player movement dynamics, a non digital translatable phenomenon and the camera of the smartphones, for it’s capacity to capture and digitally store  a moment in time.


What is an anamorphosis? An anamorphosis is a distorted image which appears normal when viewed from a particular point of view.


Gaze can be played from 2 to 4 players. The materials needed are  1  Gaze game board and 1 smartphone per player with the Gaze application installed.

The players have to find the anamorphoses printed on the game board using the camera of  their smartphones.

When the game starts the players are given an anamorphosis that they have to find and reconstitute on the game board. Once they  have found the anamorphosis the players have to take a picture  of it in order to validate it. When a player validate an anamorphosis he gains score.

The game ends when a player finds 4 anamorphosis. The player with the higher score wins.

To know more about Gaze you can download the rule book here

Rule book – Gaze