“Dettaglio e Particolare” is a game installation in which the player uses an umbrella to catch the image of a projector and explore a painting in its more infinitesimal details.

Intentions: Dettaglio e Paricolare is a project created during my masters degree in France; it seeks to create an artistic artifact through a game like structure, which is intended to be presented in galleries, art festivals and museums.


The game installation

In Dettaglio e Particolare the player uses an umbrella as a game controller, which also doubles as a the game’s screen. Through this screen the player can see an image, in this case the Flemish painting “Netherlandish Proverbs” by Pietre Bruegel “The Elder”.


The installation is set up in a completely dark room, with a black cloth covering one of the walls and speakers to each side of the same wall. The projector is set to project towards the black cloth and the player must be positioned between the clothed wall and the projector with the umbrella open and pointing at the projector.

The game starts with an extremely zoomed version of the painting,  where the player can only see parts of the painted shapes, his objective will be to zoom out the painting in order to identify the shapes in it.

Because the area of the projection is bigger than the one of the umbrella (screen), the player can move the screen parallel to the projector which allows him to change the image in the screen.  He can also move through the painting by pointing the center of the screen at a border of the projection, much like in a RTS game. This are the main mechanics that allow for exploration in the game.

Throughout his exploration the player will find “triggers”, that become activated by pointing at them. The activation of a trigger will provoke the painting to zoom out, providing the player with more points of reference to identify the forms in the painting .

The game ends when the player has found all the triggers and the painting is fully comprised inside the projection.