“Cauldron” is a game of speed and memory for Sifteo cubes in which the player has to cook magical recipes to solve the problems of the clients that come into his shop.

Cauldron is a student project form my master degree in France, the player plays with five Sifteo cubes, connected devices that can communicate between them when they are placed adjacent to one another.

The player plays as the attendant of a magic shop, in which clients come seeking solutions to their problems with the help of magic potions and arcane creatures that the player concocts in his cauldron.


The cauldron is represented by one cube, which will display the necessities of the clients, the player has to respond to these requests by combining four base elements, (represented by 4 cubes), that are at his disposition to create recipes that will satisfy the clients.

In order to create new elements the player has to join two cubes form side to side, which will immediately transform one of the cubes into a new element, then the transformed cube must be joined to the cauldron cube to complete the request.

Each completed request will increase the score of the player, however, the requests of the clients are vague and the combinations to validate them are not equally valuable in score, the player has to discover the combinations and keep in mind which combinations bring the highest score in function of the request.