Hello, my name is Lothario Areski Peon de Schuyter, I’m a young Franco-Mexican game designer based in Copenhagen and I enjoy creating games more than playing them.

Originally from Mexico I studied at the Institut de Creation et Animation Numériques in Paris, where I did my bachelor degree in game design and started my master’s in experimental game design, after a year I decided to continue my master’s at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where I am now based.

In Paris, I worked  for 1 year an a half as game and level designer at Darjeeling productions, in the games “Californium” and “Homo Machina”. Before that, I was a game and level design intern at Playtouch, a F2P mobile studio.

Currently I’m looking to expand my experiences and my own design limits by creating artistic game installations in the context of my master’s, as well as engaging in commercial projects in a game studio as a part time job or an internship.

In my free time I play all sorts of games, watch movies and TV shows, read, and try myself at photography (my photos). I consider myself a minimalist and The Art of War is my way of life. My multicultural origin is something I am very proud of, I take advantage of it as much as possible to travel the world.

Feel free to contact me if my portfolio interested you or if you simply want to chat.

Enjoy your reading!

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