Hello, my name is Lothario Areski, I’m a young Franco-Mexican game designer based in Mexico, I enjoy creating games more than playing them!

Originally from Mexico I studied at the Institut de Creation et Animation Numériques in Paris, where I did my bachelor degree in game design and started my master’s in experimental game design, after a year I decided to continue my master’s at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

In Paris, I worked  as game and level designer at Darjeeling productions, in the games “Californium” and “Homo Machina”. Before that, I was a game and level design intern at Playtouch, a F2P mobile studio.

Currently I’m looking to expand my experiences and my own design limits by creating artistic game installations, some of which have been or will be exibited in a number of countries, including France, Germany, England, Denmark, USA and Mexico.

I’m also interested in engaging in other projects as a freelancer; feel free to contact me!

In my free time I play all sorts of games, watch movies and TV shows, read philosophy, and try myself at photography. I consider myself a minimalist and The Art of War is my way of life. My multicultural origin is something I am very proud of, I take advantage of it as much as possible to travel the world.

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