Entiendan, Comprenez, Understand. Exhibition.

Entiendan, Comprenez, Understand is a game installation inspired by instruction art and created for the exhibition “Rules to play by”.


In each level of ECU the players have to follow very simple instructions like “Press E while standing on one foot”. However, all the instructions are a combination of languages, for example, the previous instruction becomes “Appuyez sobre E while parandose sur un foot”, players have to decipher and fulfill the instruction to progress through the game. The game can be played solo or by as many players as possible.

As the player advances in the game the instructions build a statement about the importance and strength of social and cultural diversity expressed through the challenges of the language barrier in a time where segregation seems to be the norm. It is also a very personal representation of how my own brain works, as I am fluent in 3 languages, and these sometimes mix and mingle without me wanting it.

ECU was presented last July at the itinerant “the flow gallery” in Snapdragon Studio in St. Louis, Missouri.




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