What I have been up to…



I got acquainted with Zbrush! A rapid date that ended in a cordial farewell, but I’m happy to know what’s up with this crazy software.

Capture3.PNGZbrush Model



A Tavern of Tall Tales

Along with some other guys we made a variation of the memory game, it’s called “A Tavern of Tall Tales”. What is different is that each card has a chunk of a sentence written on the hidden side, when a player reveals two cards it forms a wacky sentence even if its not the matching pair. This was an interesting narrative approach to a classical game.




Fulltime – Pinballer

Fulltime – Pinballer is a two player game, a mashup of pinball and air hockey. Each player controls the paddles of their goal as well as a striker that allows them to have a more or less agressive strategy. The play space is full of bumpers, when the ball hits them its value rises, when a player scores a goal he gains a number of score equal to the ball’s value. A player wins when he attains 500 score.

For this project I manly worked on the sound design as well as some game design.

Fulltime – Pinballer build

Growing Small

Growing Small is a puzzle platformer I did based on a very simple mechanic, if you move right your character (the white cube) grows, if you move left your character shrinks. The objective of every level is to fit your character into a box of a certain size (the red cube). With some additions, like surfaces or areas where the growing/shrinking mechanic is neutralized (purple), an interesting space of possibility in terms of level design appears.

growing small image.png

Growing Small build

Keyboard Wins

Keyboardwins is a jam game I did with some friends. It is played with a keyboard (as the name obviously suggests) and it can be played with as many people as you can fit in front of it. Each key is linked to a character in the screen, pressing the key will make it change colors. The objective of the players is to change their character color to match the incoming color to the left of the screen, if they don’t the character dies.


Keyboard Wins build

Intet skjult

Intet skjult is an experiment for a narrative urban game. People pass by this seemingly abandoned place called “The Train Wreck”, they are attracted by the anamorphosis “Intet skjult” and then they are guided through the space by a series of hidden messages, which by the end of the experience asks them to write their own thoughts.


So this is what I have been up to, a bit of everything and in very different subjects, great ground for reflexion. Next, I will be working an a longer project, a game installation based on Deconstruction which I hope I will be able to share soon.


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